Our zombies are pros at drawing media attention and helping reporters get to the guts of a story. With help from our friends at Jellymedia we have earned some great publicity for our clients.

Attention grabbing publicity made dead simple

We've spread zombie fever in the media for lots of great brands. The midnight launch of Call of Duty: Black Ops II at HMV in London saw us crash the party – harassing queuing customers and causing havoc.

Our services can be adapted to suit a variety of PR and marketing purposes. You can read more about our work on our PRESS page, or contact us to discuss your ideas.

In the press

We can play the host, be it an undead one!

Zed Events can mould our services to suit any location, but you may like to use our premises. We recently held a press event for the launch of Resident Evil 6, where the perfectly choreographed mission, realistic weaponry and movie-grade makeup effects made a great impact ahead of a first look at the new game release.

So, for jaw-dropping PR events, get in touch – our service is flexible.

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The next big zombie movie star

If there's anything our Zed zombies can do well, it's act. It's their job to convince our customers that they're fully immersed in our events on a daily basis.

Our zombies have filmed on location with companies like the BBC, Capcom and RateSetter in a variety of contexts. We can supply stuntmen, props, pyrotechnics and even armoured vehicles, while working closely with film and production crews.

Watch it here

Our expertise includes:

  • Location sourcing and management
  • Event script planning and communication
  • Set design including lighting, audio, visual, mechanical rigs and fabrication
  • Art, special effects, props and makeup direction
  • Actors, staff and representative sourcing and training
  • Digital marketing, social and community engagement*
  • Merchandise and product promotion
  • Filming, photography and recording

*Provided by the gaming industry & marketing support specialists at Jellymedia (Konami, Metal Gear Solid, Saints Row, WWE)

Need something with a pulse?

Rowdy undead fiends aren't for everyone – but there are other options. With our skills and experience, we have the capacity to realise any theme or genre within or outside of horror.

We have access to:

  • Ex-military vehicles, locations and equipment
  • Exclusive venues
  • Pyrotechnics and controlled explosions
  • Professional makeup artists
  • Special effects technicians
  • Stuntmen and skilled performers
Work with us

We have worked with

Party to wake the undead

We can let loose a handful of shambling corpses or a full horde upon any scenario, whether a wedding, birthday or corporate event.


All of our events run in unique locations that lend themselves brilliantly to the zombie apocalypse.

If you would like to use these locations for anything not zombie related, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have a brief insight in to what our Mall venue looks like over on our Facebook page.


No event is complete without that certain special something... How about a Wastelander or zombie?

We can provide zombies for a whole range of events including weddings, stag/hen parties as well as press, marketing and PR launches. So if you need anything undead, get in touch.

No matter what you want one for, we can arrange it.

Require our services?

If you're interested in any of the services we provide, or just want to find out more about Zed Events, then feel free to contact us and a flesh and blood member of staff will help you out.

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