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The Manor

Experience the terror of taking out a whole manor house and surrounding area full of zombies. We will give you weapons and very basic training on how to keep yourself alive. However, this will not just be about shooting zombies. Ammunition will be severely limited with only a few opportunities to get more.

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Commando Team Missing on 'Routine' Mission

Reports today indicate Grey Squad Alpha Team, an elite military infection response team, has been reported as MIA during what officials described as a “routine exercise” near the village of Daresbury, despite reports from local residents of gunfire and explosions.

A government source has insisted that the situation is under control and is in no way related to the request for civilian volunteers to participate in a military exercise in an area close to where Alpha Team went missing.

Getting Here

The Manor is in Warrington, Cheshire. It is about 25 minutes from the centers of both Liverpool and Manchester, and only 10 minutes from junction 20 of the M6. Postcode for SatNav is WA4 4AG.

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Recruit stories

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“I will say it was the most intense three hours of my life”

I'm ready! Those shambling bags of rotted flesh don't scare me, well...not since I went on a zombie survival day organised by the amazing team at Zed Events.

I'm fully trained in the art of CQC (Close Quarter Combat) and room clearing, and I know how to handle a shotgun, albeit one of the airsoft variety.

On a cold Saturday afternoon I faced my deepest fears along with 19 other recruits. The setting was a spooky dilapidated mansion along with the surrounding grounds and outbuildings, situated on the border of Warrington and Daresbury in northwest England. Imagine you're in a dark corridor in the bowels of the mansion, there is smoke, you're low on ammo with maybe one or two shots left, and your unit sergeant's flashlight starts to fail...and then you hear the slow shuffle and guttural growl of a zombie.

I'm not going to give any spoilers out but I will say it was the most intense three hours of my life, fighting to survive an encounter straight out of Resident Evil, and I mean Resident Evil 1 not some of those crumby sequels that are more about mutants than zombies. When the zombie virus hits you'll be glad you were prepared!

Phil Gaskell

“A great day immersing yourself in a zombie apocalyptic wasteland.”

Seriously good fun!

A great day immersing yourself in a zombie apocalyptic wasteland.

Zombies scare the the 7 colours of crap out of you and Grey Team play their roles VERY well.
The zombies are cunning and always surprising you.

If you're thinking about booking this and haven't done it yet. Get it done! I promise you won't regret it!

Ross Smith

“If anyone is thinking of doing something memorable then this is the thing for you, whether you like zombies or not.”

Just got around to posting after a visit to The Manor a couple of months back with a few friends. I cannot stress how brilliant this experience is. From the moment we pulled up in the car we were thrown into a reality that was completely different to our own, with every previous memory flooded with the adrenaline of being dropped in this end of the world situation.

If anyone is thinking of doing something memorable then this is the thing for you, whether you like zombies or not I can guarantee you will never forget the excitement and the terror this day will bring.

The attention to detail put into every aspect of the story, the characters and the make up is unbelievable and really brings that extra dimension. The location is creepy anyway (have a read up on the history of the building after you visit) and the conversion and use of this brilliant building is a true testimony to diversifying to keep these places in use.

If I had any tips for people wanting to get involved it is to throw yourself in at the deep end, put yourself on the front line, right in the action, it is easy to sit back and let others do everything but this is truly a time when you will get more out the more you put in. Let yourself believe the story, let yourself feel the tension and the fear, let yourself come to terms with the end of the human race, and you won't regret it.
I hope you guys (as organisers) keep growing and keep putting events like this on all over the country and the world, it's very easy to get bored or lazy nowadays, and this is something that really gives that adrenaline kick that we all need to get off our arses and do something with the day.

Thanks again and I look forward to visiting The Mall, and any other things your sick, sick minds can come up with in future.

Jack Longstaff

“Navigating my way through a dark smoke filled corridor was my fave, yet scariest, part.”

I didn't know what to expect from this, I'm not great with watching horror films let alone playing them out in real life but all I can say is it was awesome!

You can't help but get fully immersed into the story and before you know it you forget where you are and actually think you're in a real life Zombie apocalypse with one thing on your mind - surviving. Navigating my way through a dark smoke filled corridor was my fave, yet scariest, part. I'd highly recommend this to everyone, it's a fab day out and definitely one you will never forget.

Jess Ford

“I don't think I've ever been THAT girly before... I mean, seriously.”

I'm not a wuss by any stretch of the imagination, well... that's what I thought before I went to the Zombie Manor House!

I don't think I've ever been THAT girly before... I mean, seriously - I was jumping and screaming a heck of a lot.

I don't want to give anything away, but regardless of whether you're into horror, zombies or geeky things; you will enjoy this!