The below terms and conditions relate to booking your event/s, attending your event/s and any activities before or after your attending the event.

These terms and conditions relate to all events arranged, managed, hosted by Zed Events Ltd regardless of where the events are held, promoted or sold by.



  • Age restriction for playing iCombat is 13 years of age, this is for insurance purposes and those under age 13 cannot participate.

  • Games are subject to availability. We urge you to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Unless specified, booking does not guarantee exclusive use of the arena. Players are requested to arrive at least ten minutes before their notified start time. Players arriving after their start time may be refused entry without refund.

  • Prices & times may change without notice. Peak rates apply on public holidays and special events.

  • Failure to follow the game rules set out by the game marshal or posted on site, will result in removal from the game without refund. 

  • Persons under the influence of alcohol (not one drink) or mind altering substances will be refused entry. Zed Events reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone without reason.

  • When team games are played, Zed Events cannot guarantee that players will be assigned to teams of their choosing. Please make your team preferences known to the Marshal and they will take this into consideration. The Marshal must also assign teams considering skill level, age, numbers of players and general fairness.

  • Players must wear sensible footwear and shirt/t-shirt, long sleeve shirts and trousers are advised.

  • Whilst every effort is taken to ensure customer safety and security, all persons playing laser games do so at their own risk. ICombat is physical game and as such there are inherent risks always associated with physical activity and having fun together. These include being exposed to moderate physical activity, tripping, falling and bumping into fixed objects and other players. Zed Events has taken all reasonable care to control these risks through design, maintenance and operation of the facility but due to the nature of the game and any the nature of physical activity it is impossible to eliminate such risks completely. As such players and/or parents/guardians must recognise and accept this risk.

  • Although there is no known risk posed by the IR (Infrared) equipment, due to the nature of the game, the physical activity involved and the risk of being bumped into in the darker than normal environment 

  • ICombat may not suitable for players who are pregnant, suffer from underlying medical conditions/mobility issues or epilepsy. Please email us if you are not sure and we will advise ahead of booking. Our IR equipment uses low-power electronic data transmission devices which may not be suitable for customers with pacemakers. If in doubt, check with the manufacturer of your pacemaker for further information.

  • All competitors and visitors to these premises must comply with the rules and instructions notified to them on behalf of Zed Events. The management can accept no responsibility for any loss or damage suffered by competitors and visitors whilst on the Zed Events premises.

  • Please note: Following the withdrawal of the cheque guarantee scheme, cheques can only be accepted as pre-payments or deposits provided they are received at least 28 days before the booked date. Payment by personal cheque for bookings on the day can no longer be accepted. Account customers will still be able to pay invoices by cheque. Business cheques can be accepted by prior agreement with a manager or duty supervisor.

  • Private bookings are secured with a non-refundable deposit. Deposits are non-refundable but transferrable with more than 24 hours notice. Deposits paid will be deducted on the day of play. Deposits may be retained if number of players is less than number of places booked without giving 24 hours notice. Any pre-payment before the day of a booking is considered to be a deposit.

  • Children remain the responsibility of their parent/guardian/supervising adult during their visit who must remain on the premises at all times. Whilst a Zed Events marshal is present during the game, this is to ensure that the game rules are adhered to, to answer queries and in case first aid is necessary. Parents/guardians who chose not to play are welcome to accompany the game marshal to supervise their children if they wish - in this case please ask a member of staff. Zed Events does not provide services of supervision for children.

  • Zed Events cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to personal property.

  • Vouchers, special offers and prizes: Vouchers, special offers and prizes cannot be used in conjunction with special events, birthday parties or any other offer. Admission/use is subject to availability. Pre-booking is always advised. Unless specified, vouchers/offers/prizes expire three months after publication or issue. Unless specified, vouchers cannot be used at weekends or on Public Holidays. Vouchers/prizes are non-transferable and have no cash value. Each voucher is valid only for the bearer (plus guests in the case of a 2 for 1 voucher) and unless specified, customers may use only one voucher per person per day. No purchase necessary.

  • Personal data in the form of images of visitors to, and players of Zed Events is collected via various recording means for promotional purposes. Further information is available on request.

  • If you submit a testimonial/feedback to Zed Events using the online contact form, then you agree that we may publish your testimonial on this website, and/or on our other promotional material, on such page and in such position as we may determine in our sole discretion. We will remove your name and any other personal information so you will remain anonymous. You further agree that we may edit the testimonial and publish edited or partial versions of the testimonial. However, we will never edit a testimonial in such a way as to create a misleading impression of your views. You may terminate this licence by giving to us 30 days' written notice of termination.

  • If you break an M4 as result of dropping the gun or misusing it in any way shape or form the cost incurred by yourself is £1500

  • If you break a headband as result of dropping the headband or misusing it in any way shape or form the cost incurred by yourself is £400

  • If you break an sling single point M4 gun strap as a result of manhandling it or misusing it in any way shape or form then the cost incurred by yourself is £20

  • If you break a, assault vest as a result of misusing it in any way shape or form then the cost incurred by yourself is £50

  • The onsite card payment method accepted will be Visa credit, visa debit or mastercard. 



This section is relating to any cancellations or non-attendance at our events.


Zed Events Ltd allows 14 days from time of booking to cancel an event or a participant place; this is referred to as the “cooling off” period. This entitles the customer to a full refund.



Refunds are only available to customers who fall within the “cool off” period or if the cancellation is due to an extreme or unavoidable event such as death or bereavement. This does not include cancelled weddings, illnesses or injury.



If an event is cancelled by us or our team, we will contact those affected and endeavour to achieve a satisfactory resolution.

We will also endeavour to ensure that we contact everyone affected promptly however if your contact details are not correct, we are not liable for any lack of contact.



A week before the event, if we think there may be issues with running the event you're booked on to we will email a warning with advice what we will do in the run up to your event.

When we know an event isn't going to run, this is the process we take:

  • Contact all participants

  • Advise of cancellation and offer a rearrangement

  • If rearrangement is not possible, we will offer a voucher to be used within 6 months after the cancelled event or refund in full

If you do not provide us with your contact details or do not receive our emails or voicemails; we are not liable for your loss. No rearrangement or refund will be available.



If payment has not been received during the booking process or at least 48 hours prior to the event, we reserve the right to cancel or offer any unpaid for places. Our team will endeavour to contact the Booker and/or participants to inform with as much notice as possible; however we are not liable if contact has not been successful.



When cancelling a booking that was paid for by voucher; we are not able to offer a refund as you fall under your third party retailer's policies. You should contact the retailer who sold the ticket to cancel the place or make reasonable arrangements outside of Zed Events Ltd.

We are not responsible for these third party retailers, nor do we have any involvement with their cancellation policies.



If you wish to cancel your booking after the “cool off” period, you are not eligible for a refund. However, if you are unable to make the event due to bereavement, etc and contact us at least 5 weeks before your event, we may be able to work with you on making reasonable arrangements for your place or booking. If you contact us within the 5 weeks leading up to your event, then we may not be able to help.



We cannot allow anyone to participate in the event whilst pregnant, due to the physical nature of the tasks carried out. If you learn that you are pregnant after you have booked on to an event, you should contact us immediately.

We endeavour to work with the individual affected by this section in our Terms and Conditions. This is managed on a case-by-case basis.



Bookings are transferable between persons. If a transfer has taken place, it is the original participant's responsibility to inform the Booking Team of the change of name, age (over 16 years old) and medical issues in line with these Terms and Conditions.



If you fail to attend an event for which you are registered and have not given us prior notice then you shall not be entitled to any refund, transfer or otherwise pursuant to our refunds policy.


We are a company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales under company number 07933248 and with our registered office at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU, England. Our VAT number is 141433448.


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