The Wasteland Experience

Following on from the success of our world famous Zombie Shopping Mall Experience which ran for 6 years, comes: the 'Wasteland Experience'.

The worlds first true post-apocalyptic combat scare attraction. This is full-on 2+ hour movie-like interactive show where YOU are a survivor in a post-nuclear apocalypse world. With other survivors, you will battle for your life across an 250,000 Sqft abandoned shopping mall full of combat and horror. : Have your own wasteland costume or want to dress up to look the part? See our FAQ for more info.

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book your experience today!

Take your place in the zombie apocalypse.

please be aware all party members must be at least 16 yrs old to attend.
Attending the event intoxicated or under the influence of drugs is also not permitted, you will be denied entry.
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Ultra Realistic Weapons

The "Wasteland Experience" is powered by the iCombat tactical training system, the most realistic weapon simulation in the world and is used by Police and Military around the globe.

This is a combat system that uses ultra realistic guns with recoil, noise, muzzle flash and hit detection with no projectiles being fired.

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The World of Wasteland

With the cities of the UK obliterated by Nuclear explosions, the world as we know it ended. 6 years later, the few survivors either went on to form tribes in order to survive, or went insane.

Conflict and horror are a way of life. You will join a tribe and together fight for survival across our massive abandoned shopping mall, clashing with other tribes and unknown enemies. Part combat game, part horror attraction, all the insanity of the Wasteland!

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