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How would you survive the zombie apocalypse?

The world has descended into panic as the slow infestation of the undead marches across the globe, consuming everything living in its path.

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Reports of mass civil unrest continues in to second week


Rioting has spread to at least four continents, sources say


Unconfirmed reports of fatalities in Cheshire displaying "bite-marks"


Wounds consistent with bodies recently discovered in mass grave in

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@gartonjonessw1 Argh sorry to hear that Kieran... and we were doing so well with our survival rates recently to... — ZedZombieEvents

Track the outbreak

Track the outbreak on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

The zombie virus spreads rapidly; Britain's streets lie empty.

Survivors seek refuge in abandoned buildings, like this mall.


Stay alert

The horde can strike at any time. Call out contacts to your team-mates so they can provide cover.


It's survival of the fittest

You'll need to fight off the infected to stay alive; don't let them back you into a corner. Pick your battles and be prepared to retreat. You'll have limited ammunition.


They've found you

When your location is compromised, find a new shelter and avoid dark or confined spaces.


Plan ahead: think long-term

Think of the future. Try and secure long-term shelter in rural locations; avoid cities and built up areas.


Stay frosty

All is quiet but the undead hide in shadows. Be vigilant! They could attack at any time.

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Will you survive?

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